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Piston production

For a number of years, our investment in the construction and lay-out of Canzo 2 has cost us more than the value of our entire annual production. The new plant was designed and built on the experience of two generations of piston manufacture, and provides the perfect blend of constant quality, a high degree of flexibility, and cost-efficient production. This in its turn has helped us achieve higher production volumes, and new clients, and has led to build a third establishment with a very modern foundrt to help us offer these advantages to an ever-increasing number of customers.

Automation of large scale machining.

For high volume production runs, we use dedicated machining centres and robots to handle the workpieces, with only the essential functions of management and control being operated by human intervention.

Continuous investment allows us increasingly to offer our customers a major competitive edge.

For the production of machined components made to order, we use traditional machines for machining from solid bar and subsequent work, as well as CNC lathes, work centres, and grinders.

The products manufactured are supplied complete with the relevant heat-treatment, and surface finish as specified.


Special machining. Oval machining and CNC-based complex profiles.

Special machines, designed and constructed to suit our requirements, carry out complex machining operations on piston crowns, and on piston skirts. In particular, this enables us to offer the barrel-shaped and oval piston skirts which are increasingly required produced on CNC machinery.

We are generally in a position to satisfy the demands of our customers, however unusual they may be.


Special machining. Gudgeon pin mounting bores .
Ever tighter tolerances, of a few micron, are the only guarantee of a perfect fit between the gudgeon pin and the bore to which it is matched. In its standard version, or when a particular geometry is required for special applications, the bore is machined on specialist machinery, which benefits from more than 20 years of experience in our R & D office, where a pool of engineers and technicians studies and tests new technology.

Quality control.
Sophisticated control devices allow us to check with great accuracy all phases of the productive process.
In order to ensure absolute conformity of all the material leaving our plant, we lay down a quality control procedure for each product, sometimes in accordance with the particular requirements of the customer, and then carry out careful analysis of any defects
which may arise, to enable the causes of these to be eliminated.