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Custom machining work

Special machinings according to drawing.
- screws, nuts, washers
- gudgeons, elastic pins, studs
- bushings, flanges

roduction to drawing of screws, nuts, bolts.
We are constantly up-dating and expanding our production of special mechanical components made to order for leading companies in the following sectors:

- agricultural machinery earth-moving
- industrial vehicles
- the petro-chemical industry
- thermal electricity generating plants

The range of materials we machine includes:
- carbon steel
- stainless steel
- super alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, titanium etc)
- non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass etc)


 - Turnery with computerized numerical control for bars machining diameter 6 up to 68 mm.

- Sliding headstock

- Machining center ISO 40 with 4 axles

- Cam lathes with relating milling machines

- Centerless grinding machines

- Millers ISO 40 for square and hexagonal machining

- Quality control lab