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Piston manufacture begins in the foundry, by first melting ‘pigs' of aluminium to obtain blank castings.
Production operations such as purification, de-gassing, refinement, and monitoring of temperatures are all extremely delicate, requiring knowledge and experience, attention and precision.
Only with extreme care is it possible to achieve reliable quality castings, and these are checked at every

stage of production by destructive and non-destructive means.
5 different alloys of aluminium/silicon, produced in conformity with Gandini specifications, are employed in a yearly capacity over the 800 tons.

The foundry. Casting of blanks. Heat treatment.
Our new production units represent the best technology currently available, with completely automatic pouring and moulding.
We also use semi-automatic or manual systems for the production of prototypes, short runs, or particularly complex mouldings.

Production of blanks is followed by heat treatment in a continuous process, with real-time recording of time against temperature.