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Bearings 11/2019

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This Catalogue is organized by Producers brand.
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Informations have been filled very carefully in order to ensure accuracy on all data; nevertheless we are not liable for any mistake or omission.
Possibility of modification on vehicle application or designation change introduced by engine manufacturers cannot be excluded.
Feed-back regarding mistakes or missing data are always welcome and will be considered for future editions.
Dimensions, figures, drawings and information included in the price list do not represent an operating manual for bearings use and installation, but are provided purely for easy identification.
Bearing use and assembly must comply with maintenance instruction provided by engine builders. Furthermore we reserve the right to introduce engineering changes in product specification due to continuous technical improvement on the engine components field.

Names, descriptions, vehicles, manufacturers are provided for reference only. Information and data related to product manufacturer references, vehicles and engines are listed only for identification purposes, they are not original parts.
Orders are subject to our sales condition.

All dimensions, excluding where differently specified, are in mm.
Prices are Euro/Each, without VAT and are valid for Std as well as for undersizes.
Orders are subject to our sales conditions.

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